In this newsletter, we share insights from one of our keynote speakers on how innovation helps sustain their company. We also include a segment based on TechInnovation's newest track in Logistics innovation, along with a list of things you don't want to miss out at TechInnovation 2018. Read on to find out more!




Hima Mukkamala

Senior Vice President & General Manager, IoT Cloud Services


Hima Mukkamala, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Arm’s Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Services Group, wants to establish its long-term sustainability in the ever-changing IoT space. 

Just a few months into his appointment at Arm, the United Kingdom-based semiconductor and software design company concluded two acquisitions – namely of Stream Technologies, a connectivity management firm, and Treasure Data, a data management firm, in June and August respectively.

Both investments will bolster Arm’s IoT solutions offerings, said Mukkamala in a phone interview. He noted that Stream and Treasure Data are being integrated with the company’s device management service to deliver an end-to-end IoT connectivity, device and data management solution – Arm’s Pelion IoT Platform.

The Pelion IoT Platform will enable companies to seamlessly and securely connect and manage IoT devices and data at any scale. It will do this through secure and consistent IoT device provisioning, management of a plethora of wireless connectivity standards, and organization of IoT and non-IoT data for business insights.

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Leaders in the logistics industry share how they innovate to stay ahead

Getting your product delivered on time every time is paramount for businesses. After all, losing a package, wrong or late deliveries not only results in confusion, it also wastes time and effort in rectifying the error. It can also hurt a brand’s reputation if end customers are constantly kept waiting.

Logistics solutions providers know this and are working tirelessly to come up with novel ways to boost delivery times, while reducing the need for extra manpower and lowering costs. This year, TechInnovation is introducing a Logistics Innovation track, that delves into the challenges faced by the industry at its two-day technology-industry brokerage event. Held at Marina Bay Sands on 18 to 19 September, the event aims to push for new ideas and solutions.

Four leaders in the logistics industry will share how they innovate to stay ahead. Anthony Heng, Executive Director of Commonwealth Food Services; Bill Lee, Managing Partner of Azendian Solutions; Jonathan Tan, Managing Director of UnaBiz; and Prashant Dadlani, Founder and CEO of blu, will tackle pertinent topics such real-time tracking, big data, and changing consumer needs.

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Things you shouldn't miss at TechInnovation 2018

Here's our list of un-missable things at the show:

  1. Be inspired by technology and business leaders at our Keynote Sessions and learn how you can harness the power of collaborative partnerships. 

  2. Expand your industry knowledge and discover new opportunities to co-create innovative solutions with leading corporates at the Crowdsourcing sessions.

  3. Find out how technology is transforming the value chain from Farm to Fork at the Food Innovation & Urban Agritech sessions.

  4. The brand-new Logistics Innovation track focuses on how companies can integrate technologies like automation, IoT and machine learning for an enhanced logistics and supply chain performance.

  5. Head to IPI's booth to check out our Tech Superstars showcase that highlights successful key partnerships, some of which have been borne out of TechInnovation.

  6. Explore the Technology Exhibition where over 160 international exhibitors will demonstrate more than 400 enabling technologies in infocomm, advanced manufacturing and materials, health and personal care, energy and environment, food, urban agritech, logistics, and more! 

  7. If you are a start-up or entrepreneur looking to scale your business, head to IPHatch®, an open innovation competition, where you can incorporate Intellectual Property/Technology portfolios from renowned companies.

  8. Connect with potential collaborators through our business matching sessions where you can meet technology seekers and providers around the world and explore open innovation partnerships. 

  9. Looking for an awesome idea? Head to the Crowdpitching session to meet some of the most innovative technology providers who are seeking partners for commercialisation or co-development to the next level.