Don’t Miss Out on the Innovation Opportunities at TechInnovation 2016

TechInnovation is built to support your innovation and business aspirations. Explore over 300 exciting technology opportunities showcased by our 120 international exhibitors. Be sure to initiate that business meeting through our Meeting Management System to maximise your interaction with the participating exhibitors and speakers.
With less than two weeks to TechInnovation 2016, we bring you a preview of some TechInnovation’s technology opportunities under the themes of Services & Digital Economy and Health & Personal Care.
Services & Digital Economy
Free Space Technology and its Applications in Automotive and Robotics

A novel method to achieve robust free space estimation for safe and efficient navigation in automotive vehicles on roads as well as mobile robots. It has proven to provide more accurate free space detection using curve fitting along v-disparity compared to conventional methods. Find out more.
Context-Aware Mobile Crowdsourcing and Logistics

A centrally-coordinated task assignment/recommendation mobile crowdsourcing technology to significantly increase the participation rate of crowd workers, as well as their eventual task completion rate. It has shown to improve task worker productivity. Find out more.
Food Image Recognition with Deep Learning Techniques

A food image recognition technology with a focus on recognising popular local food dishes in Singapore with high accuracy. It offers a set of comprehensive API for developers and users to use which can be very useful for applications in wellness and healthcare. Find out more.  
Health & Personal Care
3D Bioprinting of Artificial Biological Tissue Networks

A technology which offers 3D bioprinting of artificial biological tissue with branched vascular structures, without using any scaffolds. Using live cells to bioprint the branched tissue network layer by layer directly from computer models, the product is made more biocompatible. Find out more.
Novel Cosmetics Products from Mushroom Extracts

This technology prepares the mushroom extracts and formulates the novel mushroom-based cosmetic products which contain high content of anti-aging and skin-lightening compounds. The cosmetic products combine the nutritional and medicinal values of the mushrooms. Find out more.
Monitoring of Subjective Pain Level by Pain Memory

With a pain memory based on a pain scale for recording subjective pain strength, the technology offers real-time tracking where patients can enter the level of subjective pain at any time of day or night. It is able to  provide a detailed analysis of pain level changes over time and drug effects. Find out more.
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