Security in a Connected World - How Smart Cities become SECURED Nations

The future Internet of Things (IoT) world is an exciting one, with advances that will surely benefit society. Great care however should be taken by developers and end users alike, to ensure the security of our present and future smart devices and IoT systems that they run on. Join us at TechInnovation’s IoT Security track – Smart Cities, SECURED Nations, held on 21 September 2016, and hear from a panel of cybersecurity experts. They will offer us insights on how to secure and protect the various layers of IoT systems, and test for potential breaches.

Hear from our Panel of Cybersecurity Experts
Trends and Innovations in IoT Security
Cort Isernhagen
Managing Director, Asia Pacific 
Lux Research
The Internet of Things or the Internet of Threats?
Subho Halder
Co-Founder & CTO
Safety, Security, Reliability – Qualification from Product to the System Level
Dr Andreas Hauser
Director, Digital Service
TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific
Brave New World – How to Protect your IoT Network against the New Cyber Security Frontier
Erel Rosenberg
DFRC Pte Ltd
Strategic Fundamentals for an IoT Platform
Varun Arora
Vice President
Greenwave Systems Pte Ltd
Why is IoT Security Important?
In a world of connected devices and emerging intelligent ‘things’, cyber-security has never been as critical a component as it now is. The transmission of data and transactions that take place in the myriad IoT platforms and systems have to remain secure and integrity intact.
All IoT components may be targets for hackers, who prey on the vulnerabilities in sensors, applications, networks, platforms and servers, and wreak havoc when control of these systems falls into their hands. And more often than not, the human end-user tends to be the weakest link in the cyber security chain. Successful breaches of IoT systems not only results in the data leakage and loss of privacy, but also possibly property damage, injury or even loss of life in the worst case scenario.