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Meet the Chinese University of Hong Kong team at TechInnovation 2018

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Meet the Chinese University of Hong Kong team at TechInnovation 2018

Here are some of the innovations that we will be showcasing on 18 and 19 September:

Seamless Visual Sharing with Colour Blind People

While current solutions fail to cater situations with both colour-blind and normal-vision audiences, this breakthrough allows simultaneous sharing of visual content among both audiences. Using Binocular Single Vision Technology, the colour deviation for normal-vision audiences is minimised, and the colour distinguishability and binocular fusibility for colour-blind audiences is maximised. The solution can be applied in all 3D visual display devices and digital content.

New Generation Ligand-Perovskite Inks for Photovoltaics and Light-Emitting Diode

This series of ligand-perovskite inks, with photovoltaics (PV) efficiency above 20%, can be coated on substrates regardless of rigidity with high throughput and greatly reduce the efficiency-cost-scalability gap. The central technology is based on nanoscience and coordination chemistry. The inks can also be applied on LED, with external quantum efficiency (EQE) close to 10%. This is a low-cost raw material and printable technology, with light weight, high energy conversion efficiency and switchable PV-LED functions.

Smart Drainage Technology for Wireless, Continuous and Large-Scale Flood and Gas Monitoring

It is dangerous and difficult to perform on-site inspection of urban drainage systems due to their complexity and the possible presence of hazardous gases. This smart drainage system utilise the manhole cover as a part of the antenna of the communication module for transmitting real-time sensor data of drainage performance. Wireless underground devices are equipped with up to 5 different sensors to monitor the concentration of hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, methane, the change of water level and the opening status of the cover.

A Tunable Fault-Tolerant Distributed Stream Processing System for Big Data Online Analytics

Conventional big data analytics systems are not designed for processing real-time data that is often continuously generated. This novel system AF-Stream reduces the number of backup operations to mitigate performance overheads for fault tolerance maintenance, while ensuring that the stream processing errors upon failures are bounded. It can be used for network measurements, data mining and machine learning.

Batched Space (BATS) Code for Network Transmission

Batched Sparse code (BATS code) improves the network transmission rate of networks with packet loss. It is one of the world’s most mature networking techniques in which transmitted data is encoded and decoded to increase network throughput, reduce delays and make the network more robust. Potential applications include Internet of Things, fog computing, underwater and satellite communication systems and disaster communications, breaking geographical boundaries with technologies.

Virtual Reality Environments for Clinical Measurements of Visual Performance in Glaucoma Patients

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide. To tackle the lack of long-term monitoring of patients, low public awareness and screening rate, the team developed VR environments and a head-tracking device for clinical measurement of visual performance related to daily activities. The platform affords an objective approach to detect and monitor visual disability, empowering clinicians to devise appropriate treatment, support and visual aids to improve patients’ quality of vision thus quality of life.

For more information, please visit Booth B26 and talk to our team members. We are excited to introduce our star technologies to Singapore and greet prospective collaborators!

Media Contact:
Ms Cathy Wong
Assistant Officer
Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Team
Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services
Tel: +852 3943 3458

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